Comic 109 - OH Ch2 pg 45

27th Mar 2015, 11:47 AM in Chapter Two
OH Ch2 pg 45
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Author Notes:

jas 27th Mar 2015, 11:47 AM edit delete
I absolutely love this page! It made me crack up from start to finish. And it was great working with The Darrell! He was very receptive to my madness, er, I mean ideas! And I really liked how it turned out.

So yes, Susan gets one more chance to be, um, Susan! And this does pose a bit of a problem for C.K., now doesn't it?? Kind of pathetic when all Susan was trying to do was comfort him.

And come on, be honest, how many of you thought we were gonna go for the old “happy potion” gag with the ominous pink liquid? Fooled ya!!

So today we have art by The Darrell from Splash Damage and script by me, jas from Super Chibi Girl.
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